Monday, January 6, 2020

Wild Style Free Essay Example, 1000 words

From the mix, it is difficult to tell them apart because they have identified with the style of music (Canby). Music heals wounds that are in the heart that cannot be reached by medicine, emotional wounds. Our character Zoro has had a tough bringing up especially with the state at which the Bronx was at that time. The lessons he learned were only to care about him, a tactic of survival. Steven Isserlis (2013) talks about the tremendous power that music has over us and how it can make one let go of their troubles and just be in the bliss. Zoro’s reversal of thoughts about self-loving is reversed when he is doing his paintings at music, Hip hop, festival. This can only be attributed to his journey and also the influence of the music that was around him. Hip hop is not a smooth sort of music but it is exciting, but it has unique beats and rhymes that cannot be forgotten. The entity of these items created a magnet, and it made the character remember himself as a part of the commu nity. The film Wild Style ends on a high note with Zoro having thrown party hosting performers of their trade. We will write a custom essay sample on Wild Style or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now The reason that music cannot be compared to other forms of cultural practices is that it last time. Compositions that are centuries old are still famous today because the genius of music cannot be replicated even after a long time (Mussadaq). Such music is not modified because modification destroyed the originality making it just like any other today. Passion is a Contributing Factor to Realization of Goals The force that drives a person towards an object, goal or anything that they feel they desire with a lot of will against odds that have ruined hopes of many is the force of passion (Haden). Zoro had a passion for his drawing graffiti, and that kept him going on and on. He could not divulge his true self to the public without jeopardizing his life or his play space. It is that purpose and passion are entwined. The attainment of love gives one purpose of living and with purpose; the abundance of prosperity comes quickly (Mesiti 10). In all major projects, the team leader is always someone with a great passion for the project, subject or leading. Rose in the film had a gang of artists who followed her because of her passion and leadership qualities. Her being a woman did not hinder from achieving her goals. She would go into the subway to complete the artistic images that were her goal. In the film, Rose is depicted as a proud leader of her group. They always follow her as their leade r into doing graffiti activities even those places that were feared.

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